Get ready for the 2014 BMW i3

Back in December, we were telling you all about how the 2014 BMW i3 was racking up more pre-orders than our favorite automaker could have hoped for. As you can imagine, it got us awfully excited for it to arrive here at BMW of Cape Cod.

And if you have yet to see it in the metal, then today is your lucky day.

Now, just because the i3 is as fuel-efficient as it is eco-friendly doesn't mean that it compromises on design and performance. And once you see it in action in the video below, you'll surely see what all the fuss is about.

If you'd like to learn more about this highly-anticipated EV before it makes its way to our dealership, the experts in our car parts department would be more than happy to fill you in at our dealership here in Hyannis, MA. Or if you'd like to bide the time with a test drive in the 2014 BMW Z4, it'll definitely help with the wait.

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