Racing Games and the Allure of a New BMW

Sometimes, the captivating performance of your new BMW model can make you feel as if you’re taking part in a video game, something too good to be true but that draws up all of those nostalgic feelings. But what if we those racing-game aspirations could somehow be real?

BMW decided to recently test this idea out, equipping both the BMW M6 and BMW M6 GTLM with RC technology so two professional racers could experience racing in a completely new way. The results as follows can be found above, and this concept helps to illuminate the strong emotions that can be evoked behind the wheel of a luxury BMW model.

Make your virtual imagination into a reality by stopping down to BMW of Cape Cod to test drive one of our lavish new luxury models. Our sales team is excited to walk through the stunning capabilities of each specific vehicle, and the type of real-life feelings you can experience in one.

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