BMW 2 Series Overview

Have you seen the latest BMW 2 Series? Drivers are freaking out over this incredibly efficient yet sporty luxury small car that has one of the highest safety and performance ratings for the market. The interiors aren’t too shabby either. With 248 horsepower in the base trim and lots of built-in extras, such as the latest infotainment technology and driver safety features, you get a lot for a small luxury car.

There is generous trunk space built into this design as well. BMW has gone all out to fine-tune the 2 Series into a magnificent purchase for a driver who wants fuel economy as well as some power. In some of the trims, you can get xDrive, which allows you to switch between eco-friendly driving and fuel efficiency to sporty acceleration. You can certainly feel the handling is much sharper and controlled in this new 2 Series as well.

You can test drive the latest 2 series at BMW of Cape Cod located in Hyannis, MA.

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