BMW manufacturers are protective of their brand and stop at nothing to guard its place as a world leader in transportation excellence. They do not just produce vehicles: they create ultimate driving machines. They ensure nothing is cookie-cutter.

There are specific standards that must be met in order to be considered an authentic BMW experience. From the time of the initial service call to the follow-up one, there are protocols that apply. Even with such a high level of service, the pricing is still competitive. With BMW Value Service on select services and models, you will receive transparent invoicing without any unwanted surprises at checkout. Through its BMW Ultimate Care, Ultimate Care Scheduled, Ultimate Care+, and Value Service programs, you are assured of an all-original, all-the-time experience.

Your BMW mechanics take pride in servicing your vehicle at their own certified service centers, resulting in superior performance on the road. They are thoroughly vested in your investment. When you call to set up your appointment with BMW of Cape Cod, you will encounter a pleasant, hassle-free experience, followed by a comprehensive consultation upon arrival.

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