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We're Recruiting Service Technicians

If you are looking for meaningful work where you will learn and use your skills to provide excellent maintenance and repair services, BMW of Cape Cod wants you to apply! We offer wages based on a compensation range that considers your experience and certifications. Our service center is a state-of-the-art facility with all the tools you need to perform your duties safely and efficiently. Enjoy a clear path from apprenticeship to master certification and a stable career when your skills are in high demand.

About BMW Technicians

BMW service technicians are critical to our capacity to provide a full suite of services for our clients around Hyannis, MA. We need dedicated technicians who can perform highly skilled services and attain certifications to maintain the highest standards. BMW Technicians are factory-trained to work on BMW vehicles from all model years and have access to high-tech equipment to provide professional services. Our dealership and clients rely on the Service Center team to provide support throughout vehicle ownership and ensure the safety, reliability, and quality of vehicles that come through our shop for maintenance and repairs. Join a team that prizes your skills and values your knowledge and hard work.

Market-Leading Compensation

Part of our Premier Pure Promise as a Premier Dealership is ensuring our employees' safety, satisfaction, and fair compensation. By taking care of our employees, they will be able to focus on their work and provide the best services possible. If you are looking for a job where you will be paid fairly and enjoy growth opportunities, then we want you to apply to work at BMW of Cape Cod. As a vehicle technician, your skills are in high demand, so if you live near Yarmouth or Falmouth, we have a job for you at our dealership close to home.

We pay by the hour, never a flat rate.

  1. Entry / Apprentice - $25.00 - $35.00
  2. Certified Technician - $35.00 - $50.00
  3. Master Certified Technician / Foreman - $50.00 - $70.00


When you work at BMW of Cape Cod, you will have room to grow throughout your career. You'll have an opportunity to grow with our clear path from Apprenticeship to Master Technician so you know what to expect and can set clear goals for yourself. We will support your journey to expand your knowledge of the latest BMW technology and systems and help you gain the certifications you need for advancement. Start a great career at a Premier Dealership where we value our team members and customers' satisfaction.

  • ASE / OEM Certification
  • Premier Training
  • Process Execution
    • Premier Digital MPI
    • TruVideo 9+ Video - Concern & ASRs
    • CDK Service / wiAdvisor full utilization
  • Productivity / Proficiency
  • Training of team members
  • Initiative / Team Player

Why Work With Us

Technician Perspective

  • No stress of worrying about their hours…or anyone else's.
  • Never chasing the clock or cutting corners for income.
  • No stress when additional technicians join the shop or them taking a "piece of the pie."
  • No stress when a warranty job turns into goodwill or when a 2-hour job turns into a 6-hour job…or when I get newer cars that only need maintenance…or when I only get older cars with rubbish work.
  • When I'm at work, I get paid. And an extra Saturday is overtime, no matter how busy we are or what kind of work is dispatched.
  • No concerns about seasonality.
  • No concerns about training - scheduling and compensation are built into our program.
  • No stress about asking for a raise. Our structure includes a clear path to career growth & development and compensation increases.
  • Better quality of life.

Customer Perspective

  • Our focus is on the best customer experience & the highest quality of work.
  • Every step in the process is optimized…from MPI through CSI follow-up.
  • Premier isn't focused on beating the clock…we are focused on a thorough inspection; ethical and transparent recommendations; & the highest possible level of technical expertise being allocated to perform approved work.
  • Premier chooses the best technician for the job…not the technician who is "up next", and we will utilize teamwork if appropriate.

Store Perspective

  • Best way to recruit, train & develop, & retain technicians.
    • The best trainers aren't worried about making hours.
    • New technicians aren't taking hours from existing technicians.
  • Technician meritocracy = the best of the best & technician loyalty.
  • Best possible customer experience = loyalty.
  • Service process that is focused on the highest quality evaluation & the highest quality of work.
    • No excuse for cutting corners during the inspection.
    • No worries about recommendations that may not be entirely applicable or relevant.
    • No worries about missed ASRs.
    • No excuse for rushing the work.
    • No excuse for skipping QC.

We Value Your Skills at BMW of Cape Cod

If you are ready to start a job where your hard work and expertise are appreciated, apply for our Service Technician positions at BMW of Cape Cod. Our customers rely on our techs for excellent services, and we depend on them to be a part of our team. Apply today, and our hiring staff will be in touch to get you started on a rewarding job alongside a great group of people at our dealership.

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