Do you suspect that something with your braking system has gone awry? Don't put it off. Failing brakes can cause injuries that can prove fatal. Instead, be on the lookout for the following signs of impending danger, and get your vehicle to the shop as soon as possible for a brake inspection.

Noisy Brakes- Do your brakes grind and screech upon applying them? Take action, immediately! Failing to care for brakes at this stage could lead to deadly outcomes, so be sure not to procrastinate scheduling your next service center visit.

Vibration- Do you notice your vehicle vibrating when you brake? This could be a sign of a warped disc. Don't risk it. Get to the shop as soon as you are able.

Squishy Pedal- When you apply your brakes it should feel firm. The more pressure you apply, the firmer it should feel. Not so with your brakes? A squishy brake is yet another signal that it is time to see our friendly service center staff.

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